Dramatic video shows leopard jumping at van with people inside

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This is the dramatic footage showing a leopard who had already injured 13 people attacking a van filled with passengers in Jorhat, India on December 26.

This footage emerged from a rainforest research institute in the Sotai area, which also has a wildlife sanctuary nearby. In the footage, the leopard can be seen jumping over a barbed-wire fence.

According to eyewitness Dr. Girish Gogoi, who lives and works at the institute, the leopard was first seen around 10 a.m. when it attacked a mother and daughter outside of their home.

Dr. Girish Gogoi said: "At around 1:30 p.m. I was going to meet someone. I was mentally prepared that there could be an encounter with the leopard, so I started filming. Suddenly the leopard came in front of us and attacked the car. Luckily for them, the window was up. After the failed attack, the leopard went inside another home in that area and we chased the leopard."

Dr. Girish Gogoi further added that until now, 13 people have been injured, including three forest guards.

The leopard is still on the run, and the forest team is trying to catch it to place it in a cage.

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