Grandest of Holy Wars! | Crusader Kings III: Elf Destiny #52

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The strong, the mighty, the slack-jawed - Count Þarþuþhaþhi Fauca-Hyanda. A powerful man with an equally powerful trust in friend and stranger alike. One fateful day, when a local lunatic archaeologist arrives speaking of Elves and magical artifacts, Count Þarþuþhaþhi is all too interested, and the wheels of destiny spin into motion...

=== Mod Pack Info ===

Steam Workshop Link:
(Includes load order and install instructions!)

Featuring the incredible Elf Destiny - Created by sameov

Better Barbershop
Created by Agami

CK2 Map Font
Created by Grand Larceny

Become a Blademaster by Winning Duels
Created by Ohboksu

Clear Artifact Levels
Created by Lucas182

Artifact Manager
Created by Zipbreak

Clear Notifications
Created by Agami

Crusader Kings II Music - Complete (No CK3 Music + No Metal)
Created by ManicMayo

Inheritable Relations
Created by Big Uncle

Extended Outliner
Created by FUN

Community Flavor Pack
Created by El Tyranos

Found Universities Anywhere
Created by Vicinian

Interaction Icon Project Lite
Created by Lucas182

Lifestyle XP from Skills update
Created by Dradka

More Lifestyles
Created by Askil

Created by FUN

Rescue & Vengeance
Created by Big Uncle

Search & Trade Artifacts
Created by pharaox

Royal Court Explained V2
Created by Fenya

Social Relations Expanded (SRE)
Created by Big Uncle

Pedagogy Enhanced
Created by Alex

Title-Ranked Portrait Borders (Ironman)
Created by MacAwesome

VIET Events - A Flavor and Immersion Event Mod
Created by cybrxkhan

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