Which Doctor Had the BEST Introduction? - Part One | Doctor Who

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To mark Ncuti Gatwa’s debut season, I decided to look back at each Doctor’s first adventure. In the first part of this two-part retrospective, I’ll be assessing the debut stories of the Classic Series (1963-89, 1996), covering each actor’s debut from William Hartnell’s first appearance in ‘An Unearthly Child’ to Paul McGann’s starring role in the 1996 TV movie.

An Unearthly Child - 01:42
The Power of the Daleks - 06:01
Spearhead from Space - 09:58
Robot - 13:12
Castrovalva - 16:13
The Twin Dilemma - 19:14
Time and the Rani - 24:20
Doctor Who - 29:13
Conclusion - 34:04

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Planetary Paths – Joel Cummins, Andy Farag
Rich in the 80s – DivKid
Stranger Danger – Francis Preve
Weirder Stuff – Geographer

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Includes footage from Doctor Who (1963-89, 2005-Present), Trials & Tribulations (2008), Lost in the Dark Dimension (2013) and Peep Show (2003-2015).

Doctor Who and the associated ‘Whoniverse’ programmes are property of the British Broadcasting Corporation. ‘Trials & Tribulations’ and ‘Lost in the Dark Dimension’ are property of 2Entertain. Peep Show is property of Channel 4. This is an educational and analytical video essay and not an infringement on copyright.
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